Why should you get involved?

Any DofE Award at any level is an important part of a young person’s CV as it shows their commitment to a range of activities over a period of time.

All DofE Awards are looked on very highly by UCAS, and employers, a recent survey showed that employers regard DofE second only to exam passes.

The Gold Award is the culmination of the range of Awards and is particularly highly regarded because of the time and effort it requires to complete.

It really is worthwhile taking on the challenge and making yourself stand out from the crowd.

How do I join?

1) If you are at St. Ivo school, you will receive an email inviting you to DofE in year 9

2) Complete the application form and pay the fees.

3) You usually have to prepare a short piece of work explaining why you want to take part in bronze DofE.

You can submit the work in any form e.g. a song, story, poem video, drawing, cake etc.

4) The piece of work must be submitted at the time you enrol.
5) Once you are successful in gaining a place, there are four sections to complete over the bronze. award. These are; volunteering, physical, skills and expedition.
6) Each section must be done for a minimum period of time for three months.
7) The expedition duration for bronze is two days and one night.
8) You will track your progress via eDofE.

Membership form
Enrolment Form
Annual Programme

Click here for more info about the bronze award, silver award, gold award.

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