All DofE groups have a central person to lead the team. The coordinator at St Ives Open group is Tracy Grant. 

Tracy is a qualified teacher and youth worker with over 25 years' experience in the classroom from year three to year 13. She has run youth groups since the late 1980s. Tracy has two roles within Cambridgeshire County Council; DofE Coordinator at St Ives Open Group AND DofE Manager for Cambridgeshire County Council, where she oversees the management of 50+ DofE centres across the County. 

Tracy’s personal experiences include trips to all areas of the UK, plus Sweden, the Alps, the Tatras,  the Himalayas and Nepal. She is fully qualified as a mountain leader, a DofE expedition assessor, and a Wilderness first aid medic. She also holds qualification in Canoeing, Kayaking, Climbing, mountain biking and Sailing and has run more trips than she can remember.

The Volunteers

The volunteers at St Ives Open Award group are the mainstay of the group. Without our willing, able and qualified volunteers we could not operate DofE in St Ives. New volunteers are always welcome, whether qualified or not. You simply need an enthusiasm and willingness to work with young people. We can provide appropriate training when necessary. 

Please contact Tracy to find out more about volunteering.

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